Student Technicians are already the stars of The Studio

With The Studio now fully back up and running after a gruelling couple of years unable to host events, it isn’t just those on stage at our wonderful on-site venue that have been shining so far this term.

With a variety of events, including our regular school Open Mic nights to tribute bands including Eagle and Rocketmania – there has been something for everyone since the venue reopened, including wrestling fans! And The Studio continues to improve and grow, with additions to the space including new Lighting and Sound Systems, as well as a brand new outdoor theatre space – and a fully refurbished Box Office and licensed bar.

But at every event that takes place around the world, there is always one group of individuals who normally only get noticed if things go wrong.. and that’s the hard workers doing their best to be invisible, even going as far as wearing black to make sure they’re unseen (even when in plain sight on stage) – and that is the technical crew.

The Studio offers TPS students a unique opportunity to try their hand at the less glamourous side of the events industry. In fact, the entire team at The Studio (with the exception of the Studio Manager) are former TPS students who came up through the ranks as Year 11 Tech prefects, learning the ropes and becoming the backstage and front of house crews of the future. Some of these students have gone onto major venues, most notably Dom Turner – one of the Senior Studio Technicians – who is about to embark on his second season as a lighting engineer at Chichester Festival Theatre having operated before on West End productions.

This year, in addition to the Year 11 prefects, the invitation to become a student technician was extended as a trial to also include a couple of keen Year 10 students – and they have already impressed the team and are well on the road to setting the industry alight.

Ollie M, Michael F and Adam O have not only been involved helping with the wide range of productions taking place in the theatre, but they have even been given the opportunity to run events themselves – from planning how to set the shows up as they arrive, to operating lighting and mixing sound – under the watchful gaze of the technical team who were on hand to support them should the student team need it.

“They didn’t really need us.” Sean Ridley [Studio Manager] laughed. “We were there if they needed us to point them in the right direction, but on the whole the recent Open Mic night and Wrestling gigs were theirs, and they should be incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved this year.”

“The whole team are so impressed with how they’ve embraced the chance to work on all the events we have, and they really are a testament to the school and a fine example to their peers.

“What’s also lovely to see, is they seem to enjoy working with us so much that they manage to convince their friends to come along and help. Several of them have been e-mailing me to ask if there are any more spaces to join the team!! We also tend to get a visit from Fleur A from Year 11 every show night she’s not already performing in, as she just loves to help in the box office!

“We are so proud of how far they’re coming on – and we can’t wait to see what the next 12 months brings as they move into a big year for them.

“The future is certainly bright.”